HOWTO: Run Apache Hive on Windows in 6 easy steps

Note: You need to have cygwin installed to run this tutorial, as Hadoop (needed by Hive) needs cygwin to run on windows. At a minimum, Basic, Net (OpenSSH,tcp_wrapper packages) and Security related Cygwin packages need to be present in the system.

Here are the 6 steps:

1. Download WSO2 BAM 2.0.0. It’s free and open source.

2. Extract it to a preferred location. Let’s call it $BAM_HOME.

3.Start the server by executing the wso2server.bat file present in $BAM_HOME/bin. The server would startup on the default port 9443 on the machine’s IP.

4. Log in to the web console at https://localhost:9443 using the default credentials, i.e. username: admin, password: admin and clicking “Sign-In”.

WSO2 BAM login screen
WSO2 BAM login screen

5. Navigate to the “Add Analytics” option by clicking the menu item on the left hand menu.

WSO2 BAM left hand menu - add analytics option
WSO2 BAM left hand menu – add Analytics option

6. Now execute your Hive script, by entering the script and clicking execute!

Note: Follow this KPI sample document to see a sample working for you in no time, with results appearing on a dashboard. Also, notice that you can schedule the Hive script as well.

Execute Apache Hive script
Execute Apache Hive script

I have to thank my colleague Buddhika Chamith, as all this was possible because of some grueling work done by him. Also, I hate the fact Hadoop and Hive makes it so hard to run stuff on Windows, especially since this is a Java application. Read about those concerns here.


3 thoughts on “HOWTO: Run Apache Hive on Windows in 6 easy steps

  1. Hi Tharindumathew,
    I have one wuery in wso2 Data Service Server:-

    Multiple tables depend on each other with Primary key and foregin key, i used the auto generated key in wso2DSS.

    i am inserted data in 1st table and getting auto genreted identity column, using that identity column again i am inserting in 2nd table as well in 3rd also

    @my issue is while inserting in 2nd table error occure due to pk voilation i need to rollback the 1st table row which is already inserted in table how could i do this …

  2. C:\$BAM_HOME\bin>wso2server.bat
    I run the above command and it is giving below message even after I have set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
    “You must set the JAVA_HOME variable before running CARBON.”
    Can you please help. Thanks in advance.

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